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Maxi Taxi Melbourne Companies
Although they may refer to them in terms other than Maxi Taxi Melbourne, the following taxi service companies each offer vehicles which can carry a
greater amount of passengers which we refer to as Maxi Taxi Melbourne
  • Dandenong Taxis - Phone on 9791 2111 
  • Frankston Taxis - Phone on 9786 3322
  • 13 CABS - Phone on 13 22 27
  • Silver Top Taxis - Phone on 13 10 08
Why a Maxi Taxi in Melbourne
When wanting to book any sort of ground transportation in Melbourne, the choice of whether to book Maxi Taxi or a regular Taxi Cab is quite simple. The Maxi Taxi, although can be more costly, does allow more passengers to travel in the vehicle.

A Maxi Taxi in Melbourne can also allow for the passengers to carry more luggage in the vehicle, but off course this is dependent on the size of the Maxi Taxi.

Another option to consider is whether to book a Maxi Taxi Melbourne or a chauffeured option of a limousine transfer. This is generally a difficult decision to make because both of them offer great options. We will discuss these two options further below.
Maxi Taxi or Chauffeured Limo?
When wanting to travel with more than four passengers in and around Melbourne, the options are multiple. There is always the option of public transport with Trams or Trains or Buses, however for a more personal and private experience it is often a decision between a Maxi Taxi or a Chauffeured Van/People Carrier.

A Maxi Taxi could be cheaper to travel than in a chauffeured option which is a great advantage. In terms of pricing, the only downfall of Maxi Taxi Melbourne services is that the prices are not fixed and are determined by a Meter inside the vehicle. The price is dependent upon the Kilometers which are driven, the time taken in the transfer, road tolls encountered, the amount of passengers and the flag fall fee of the vehicle. All of these factors are used to make up the price of a single Maxi Taxi transfer in Melbourne.

Despite all this, in most cases it will still be cheaper to travel in a Maxi Taxi than a chauffeured option. Chauffeured People Carrier companies, such as Driven By Limo, do offer fixed price quote estimates for their transfers however the prices are excluding road tolls. The advantages of luxury chauffeured van transfers in Melbourne are generally that the chauffeur is more professional, presentable and dedicated to your luxury service. The chauffeured vehicles are most commonly also more modern vehicles and well maintained to be kept in a crisp condition.

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